The Team

An enviable record of achievements in the field of Occupational Health and Safety shows the importance the Company places on the wellbeing of its staff. Training in this field is ongoing, with several Managers and other staff members from all aspects of the business attending courses and obtaining qualifications relevant to their areas of responsibility. This ensures that our Company is always up to date with changes in legislation or legal requirements.

Extensive risk assessments have been done, covering all areas of work performed by Skipwaste employees. Based on this, the Company supplies all staff members or permitted visitors entering areas requiring uniforms, protective clothing, shoes or equipment with high quality items which are compulsory to use in order to ensure their own safety and the safety of any other persons that may be affected by their actions.

Skipwaste believes that communication is the key to understanding the people employed in any business and prides itself on an open door policy between employees and Management, irrespective of employment level, expectation or requirement. This also promotes a culture of open minded thinking, crucial to self-improvement and advancement.

Honeydew, Cnr Zeiss & Kajak Rd , Lazerpark
0861 754 792
011 699 1000
Springfield 1 Crystal Place Stafford
0861 754 792
Managing Director / CEO – Susan McDonald
Director (Admin & IT) – Melody Commerford
Director (Sales & Operations) – Jos Fourie
Financial Manager – Edward Delport
Logistics Manager – Andre Erasmus
HR Manager – Natasha Botha
Debtors Manager – Jana Naude
Procurement Manager – Liesel Ball 
SHERQ Manager-Rialine van der Merwe
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