Garden Refuse Removal

Importance of Responsible Garden Refuse Removal in South Africa

Garden refuse removal services are important to help clean gardens free from unsightly cut branches, compost, dry grass, and leaves. Any organic material left in the garden can pose a serious fire risk. It is not unusual to read about compost and leaves catching fire in urban areas. The gasses released when the plants decompose contribute to global warming and with the decomposed matter also being a fire risk, it is better to clear the garden from such on a regular basis.

True, not everyone has a truck or trailer for taking the refuse to the landfill areas. Indeed, it takes a lot of time and some of the materials can land up on the tar road. Although some of the garden services also remove the refuse, most home owners have to remove such themselves. Since it is a rather tedious job, many people leave the materials until they have enough for several trips on one day.

The problem is that rats and pests make home in the decomposing materials. Rats carry several pests, some of which are deadly to man and animal alike. The materials can thus also pose a serious health risk to your family. Apart from such, flies and unpleasant odours can be expected.

If you live in the Lowveld or KZN there is also the eminent risk of spiders and snakes making the materials their home. It is thus better to remove the garden refuse sooner rather than later.

Environmentally Responsible Removal

Make use of our company to ensure that the materials are removed in a timely and safe manner. We ensure that the refuse will not simply become part of a landfill, but recycle, incinerate and destroy materials in the correct manner. As such you will do your part for the environment and will not have the inconvenience of having to remove the materials. We provide relevant bins that can be filled and we collect such for removal.

Landfill Problems

Many of the waste disposal areas are already over full and can cause landslides and severe environmental problems. Some of the older landfills are ticking time bombs as they contain hazardous materials and contribute to the pollution of groundwater. When you make use of our professional services, you can be assured that we will not contribute to the landfill burden, but will take the necessary steps to ensure safe and environmentally friendly disposal.

Recycling of Compost

Recoverable materials are decomposed in the correct manner and then used in energy creation and for compost in gardens as well as agricultural settings. Waste gas, which comes from such a method, can be used for heating. It is essential to follow procedures that will minimise our human footprint on the planet.

Our trucks are monitored to ensure correct speed and direction. We thus have complete audit trails of removal and processing of waste materials. In addition to normal garden refuse removal, we also offer electronic equipment and hazardous material removal and processing services at affordable prices.