Waste Management in South Africa

Effective Systems for Waste Management in South Africa

Many would think that pollution control in this country leaves a lot to be desired. Of course with leading companies on the market such as Skip Waste, waste management in South Africa has produced phenomenal results. When it comes to rubbish and how it is contained and disposed of, the job simply never ends and this is why it is vitally important to have a reliable team in control of the needed systems and processes.

Our company believes that each and every individual should do their bit for the environment. By simply separating your refuse and recycling it, you can be doing a great deal for the environment and your planet. The point is not just to preserve the planet for long enough for ourselves to enjoy, but to implement systems that make it possible for our children and their children to lead a healthy, safe and happy life.

At Skip Waste we offer a wide array of services that can make your recycling endeavours easier. We offer to assist in the management and disposal of metal, liquids, hazardous substances, fluorescent tubes, electronic devices and automotive products. We also offer various other services including response to hazmat emergencies, pollution prevention, plant and vehicle hire, ultra high pressure cleaning, materials handling, incineration processes and even tank cleaning. Simply let us know what you need assistance with and we will go out of our way to make the task simpler and easier for you.

We also offer our own buy back recycling depot which has been fully permitted by the Department of Land Affairs and Forestry. This depot offers those who recycle a monetary reward – somewhat of an incentive for those who keep doing their bit for the environment. We have refuse trucks in our fleet, each of which is fitted with a tracking device to ensure that we are aware of when and where refuse is being collected from. We also have our facilities fitted with CCTV security systems which help with assuring quality control and enforcing the correct procedures and handling methods.

Of course we have up to 28 years of experience in this particular field. Since we opened for operation in 1984 we have been working hard to constantly bring about positive change in this ever evolving industry. We offer flexible, effective and cost-efficient solutions that can be used by both the business and the private home. We encourage our clients to take responsibility for their futures and to do their small bit – every little bit of effort towards recycling and proper disposal of refuse will help not only our country, but our planet in the greater scheme of things.

At Skip Waste we have your needs and requirements at heart. We will ensure that on first request, you are provided with all the required information and advice on how to turn your pollution and refuse situation around. Involve your team in making a difference by simply implementing new waste management systems into your daily life or business life.