SkipWaste key objectives are:

Reduction of waste overall and decline in depletion of resources
Providing services to Sort and Collect
Traceability and Environmental Reporting
Personal Account and Site Management in compliance with legislation and municipal bylaws
Providing services to Dispose and Recycle
Achieving green objectives & aligning with client’s brand equity


Integrated Waste Management Plans

Disposing of waste in an environmentally friendly manner is crucial to your business.  We will help you assess your waste streams and develop the best and most cost effective recycling and disposal solution for you.

Legislation & Compliance

Ensuring all waste activities comply with The Environmental & Waste Act. Certification and accurate Waste Reporting.  Driving up recycling, driving down waste to landfill.

Sustainable & Ethical

Forward thinking, ethical & transparent and technologically advanced, with a focus on waste to energy and zero to landfill.  Community development involvement from children’s charity & education, PDI employment and training. Greenbuild projects to cleansing programs for illegal dumping.

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