Building Rubble Removal and Green Solution

Brick Making

We are the leading company in South Africa with SABS approved Hydraform Bricks, manufactured from recycled building material. We assist construction companies to obtain “Green Star” rating through sorting of rubble received from construction sites.

The process for brick making starts from the moment rubble is received, rubble is  sorted and loaded into a crusher.

Crushed usable material is now used along with cement, a waterproof additive and water. The mixed components are then used to produce a “green” brick/block on the Hydraform machine. Bricks are cured for a set period of time after which they are bundled and marked ready to be dispatched.

Building Rubble Removal Options
Building Rubble Removal Options

Building rubble requires various options to collect. Skipwaste can provide the loading and moving on site, collection and storage of skips and bulk removal services. Skipwaste will assist with a step by step process flow to assist with your equipment and collection requirements.

Please contact our representatives to assist with your green building solutions.